5 ways to make the most of your participation in Indiaplast 2019

Indiaplast 2019, is an evolved plastics exhibition, it will showcase some of the most crucial technologies of the plastics industry. Global manufacturers will offer the latest technologies, equipment, and solutions. Demonstrating latest innovations, environmental friendly technology solutions and stellar research.

If you are taking part in Indiaplast 2019, it is very important that you make the most of it. Here are five ways how you can make the most at Indiaplast 2019.

Prior to the trade show

Layout a simple marketing plan

Decide on how you can promote your presence at Indiaplast 2019. Showcase your attendance at various places like your website, industry newsletters, magazines, and social media or become a featured exhibitor on the Indiaplast website. With all that done, do not forget to tap on your most promising resource, your existing customer base, send out creative invites and newsletters through emails or call them personally.

Create the brand communication

This should not be very difficult, as the various marketing collaterals like videos, landing pages, flyers, handouts, giveaways, etc., can be creatively designed through creative media agencies for a custom fee. However it is important to make sure that these communications have the right content, design guideline & impact on the audience at large, to give the your brand a recall upon interaction.

On the day of the show

Create attraction

With an expected amount of 900+ exhibitors and 90000 visitors, it is important for you to stand out at the exhibition to create an impact. Attract visitors to your booth through visually attractive displays designs and innovative ideas that clearly promote your product or service. But make sure that visitors do not get confused, they should be able to quickly understand exactly what you are offering.

Get your feedback

Engage the visitors at your stall, make eye contact and smile. Most visitors will give their opinion by looking at the products or services that you offer. An exhibition is not only about displaying your products, it is also the right place to generate valuable feedback from customers. Make sure you have the right means to make a note of their inputs. Keep a receptionist who can do this for you, or simply keep a feedback book.

Post the show

Send your greetings

For most the last day of the exhibition would be the end of line for marketing communications. But it does not really end there! Thank your potential leads with a card or a small gift, and your visitors with a nicely worded emailer. The sole purpose of which is not only to thank them but also to show appreciation for the people who visited your stall; creating a sense of brand connect.

Work on the feedback

Circulate the feedback with the visitors, have a debrief meeting with staff, track post-trade show sales, review the new customer database, and map the effectiveness of the trade show. Also send your potential leads and key visitors your appreciation for the feedback and how you have applied it. This gives them a sense of respect and loyalty with the brand.

From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at Indiaplast 2019 has various benefits for your business. Establishing a presence for your company at Indiaplast 2019 will give you a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reaching out to your existing clients, and building an established and reliable brand.

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