Why IndiaPlast 2019?

Many in plastics industry have asked this question. Given plethora of plastics industry exhibitions, need of IndiaPlast is not obvious. I will attempt to illuminate. It is a known fact that Plastics Machinery companies comprise nearly 70%, and Raw Material companies nearly 25% of exhibition space at any plastics industry exhibition. Committees of members from respective associations devote considerable time to organize, manage and execute various activities of a given exhibition. It so happens that only few members from machinery or raw materials are invited to join these efforts and it does cause anguish amongst those who were not. It is natural that persons with responsibility for exhibition activities over and above their business calling can never truly focus on work involved in organizing an exhibition, which is a specialized activity and over a period time has become even more complex. Nowhere in the world there is a parallel for such efforts. While it may appear to be a sign of maturity and commitment of industry members, in reality quality outcome from exhibition has been declining. Plastics Industry is growing much faster than national GDP, at times double. Happily everyone's business is growing rapidly demanding time but consequently allowing reduced time to contribute to exhibition activities. Increasingly focus is to fill up the space to maximize revenue, not for greater goal of raising Indian Plastics Industry standards to a world class levels or focusing on getting quality visitors which is what the exhibitors yearn for to justify their expense in participating in such exhibitions. (Even I have been guilty of being involved in taking responsibility to organise one such exhibition. So I speak from personal experience and resultant delusion from that exercise.) Over the years exhibitions have become cash cows for organisers without corresponding benefits to the exhibitors who spend substantial money to participate.

In fact, most exhibitors feel that that returns from exhibitions are declining per rupee spent. Mainly because there are too many shows that compel or pressurise for participation while participation costs are rising year-on-year without relation to actual costs. Further, how often can exhibitors continue to showcase latest technologies? Developing any new technology has a gestation period. And regrettably most exhibition venues in India today are almost all poorly designed for ease of machinery display or to be visitor friendly. All this adds up to a significant participation cost for exhibitor every year in their P&L statement. Besides, so many exhibition options are confusing to average visitor for its value. Foreign visitors, who can be potential source for exports are unable select which show to attend, given bewildering frequency, unsubstantiated claims and poor connectivity for travel and lack of infrastructure for good accommodation in most locations.

PMMAI have been trying for last four years to resolve this increasingly contentious situation. We represented our case to many leaders of industry and other associations organising shows. Even the doyens of our industry like Shri Nikhil Meswani, Shri MP Taparia, Shri Kamal Nanavaty and others feel it is time to consolidate efforts of plastics industry towards one major exhibition that would build a brand for INDIA and Indian Plastics Industry.

To this end series of meetings were held under stewardship of Shri Nikhilbhai who called on to stakeholders from leading plastics industry associations to join deliberations. He offered a vision of an exhibition supported by three pillars of the industry, fully supported by PMMAI - Plastics Processors, Machinery Manufacturers and Raw Material producers to hold it at a world class venue. Despite Shri Nikhilbhai spending considerable time to outline this laudable initiative and PMMAI trying hard to persuade, little progress has been made by the stakeholders to co-operate towards realizing this dream.

This dilly dallying forced PMMAI to actively consider organizing exhibition at lower cost of participation with high quality organizing that only a professional company can deliver. Most successful industry exhibitions around the world are organized by a professional company whose sole business is organizing, executing and managing exhibitions. Of course, Organisers team up with respective industry associations for industry specific needs, advice and support. For example, important exhibitions for plastics industry like K or Inter Pack or Drupa or China Plast or NPE etc are all organized, managed and executed by professional companies in business of exhibitions, often with their own dedicated venue or a venue selected for its merit. This allows industry members to concentrate on their business while enjoying profitable outcome from professionally organized and executed exhibition.

PMMAI has joined hands with Triune Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd. who are successful promoter/ organiser of Plast Asia, amongst other shows. They are a professional company with the only business of organising industrial exhibitions. We have invited other associations to join us. We welcome all members of plastics industry to join us in making IndiaPlast 2019 a success for own and industry benefit at lower participation cost. While Triune will focus on logistics and execution of the exhibition, PMMAI will interact for policy and advice of industry needs at the exhibition.

The best venue would be Pragati Maidan for an international exhibition in India. But it is presently undergoing extensive, almost total rebuilding and renovation to make it a truly world class Convention and Exhibition Center appropriate for our rapidly growing country. Until it is so built, we needed to find another venue which is suitable. The new venue is planned to be ready not before August 2019.

We selected India Expo Center at Greater Noida, NCR, with world class facilities and over 70,000 sq. m. space in air-conditioned exhibition halls. It is well connected with multi lane highway to Delhi. Metro will connect Expo Center to Delhi by end of 2017, with a dedicated station, giving excellent connectivity with airport too. (www.indiaexpocentre.com) Owing to a professional approach, cost of participation for PMMAI members is already declared about 30 % lower than comparable exhibitions. Exhibitors will enjoy better environment, efficient infrastructure, convenient amenities, affordable facilities and more. It will be more fruitful, rewarding, profitable experience for exhibitors. Further, IndiaPlast visitor promotion will focus exclusively on business visitors from all over India and from most potential export markets for Indian goods. We aim to have quality business visitors with whom exhibitors can do business. We will keep you informed about the progress.

IndiaPlast will be held from 28 February to 4 March 2019.

All who are committed to progress of Plastics Industry in India are more than welcome participate, visit and join us.